Adult Coloring Books

I found another cool Daiso item… (items?)



These books.. or booklets are composed of 23 pages. Each book has a section that teaches different coloring techniques, color theory, shading and how to color the pictures inside. The only thing is it’s in Japanese.. but! there are pictures and Google translate 😉

Each book has different themes….

Book 5 – Flowers

Book 6 – Occasions

Book 7 – Animals

Book 8- Landscape/Scenery

Each picture is actually a post card that you can cut out and mail when your done coloring.


For 2 dollars, this product is not bad. Each booklet teaches different coloring techniques that I can definitely use (with the help of Google translate) and I think it has a very good variety to practice on and improve your color combinations, tones, and shadings. For someone like me who is trying to learn about painting, these booklets are great help. 🙂 I initially bought the book 5 just to try it out. I liked it a lot so I went and bought the rest of the books in their adult coloring series.  I plan to go through them according to their book numbers. I can’t wait to get to the landscapes! 😀

coloring with watercolor pencils. More practice!



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