Daiso Label Remover

Hi. I’m Kaye. I’m a daiso-holic.

There’s just something about those $2.00 Japanese items that I can’t resist. Roaming around the shelves and getting lost with each large and tiny items from kitchen ware to crafts… bliss! It’s like a treasure hunt. Sometimes, also like a big puzzle since you have to figure out what some items are for or how they are supposed to be used. I love it!

With my latest venture, I went home with this…

label remover

Really? We have these now? Imagine, no need to ruin those manicured nails to remove those unnaturally sticky labels (not that I have manicured nails.. but we’re imagining here. 🙂 ).

Bye hard earned $2.00. Hello label remover!

The package includes:

  • one 20 ml liquid label remover
  • one yellow green pusher
  • one cotton ear bud

I’m going to try it out on an empty jar with an unusually sticky label.

The white thing on the jar is the label that I removed with my bare hands. It was so sticky that after 5 minutes and fingernails lined with sticky bits of paper, I gave up. Let’s see if this Daiso product can help me out.

First, I removed the glossy top of the label which left me with the super sticky white paper. Then using the cotton bud, I soaked it with the liquid label remover and waited for a minute. I then proceeded to push the sticky paper from the corner.  Voila!


Some glue was left but the label was completely removed. It did say label remover so I guess it works for it’s intended purpose. Did I get my money’s worth? well… maybe not? There must be a cheaper alternative or some sort of DIY/Pinterest concoction I can make to imitate the result… but I had fun and my curiosity was satisfied.. PLUS! I now have a label-free-empty jar that’s sitting on the shelf waiting to be filled with something.. soo.. its ok.. 🙂

Now looking for more jars/bottles to de-label…


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