The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Gift #3

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For our final DIY Christmas Gift, we’ll be sewing Satin Pillowcases! 😀

*I didn’t make a video because its pretty hard to sew with a camera between me and the sewing machine. 😦

Did you know that there are benefits with sleeping on Satin pillowcases?

1. It helps with the wrinkles. Since you tend to slide around, there isn’t much friction against the skin so lesser pull/stretch.

2. Helps with dry hair/split ends. Since it’s less absorbent than a cotton pillowcase, you tend to retain more moisture in your hair.

3.  Since you retain more moisture and there is less friction, you tend to wake up with a less fizzy hair look. (yey!)

Here’s a site that discusses in detail the benefits of sleeping on Satin pillowcases.

Benefits of Sleeping on Satin

I actually made one 2 years ago for a friend for her birthday.

pink satin pillowcase

I also planned to make one for us with a deep dark blue satin cloth I bought but I somehow forgotten about that and so the cloth was in storage for a long while. While rummaging around my craft stash in search of inspiration for gift ideas, the handsome dark blue cloth and I crossed paths again and after two years, I finally got around to making that satin pillowcase.

Before anything else, I had trouble deciding what kind of pillowcase to make.

1. Housewife pillowcase – a pillow case with an inner flap that holds the pillow inside the case. Cons is that there really very little you can do to embellish the opening.

2. Sack Pillowcase – a sack type case with one open end. Popular in hotels because it’s very easy to change cases when pressed for time. This is the kind of pillowcase I made two years ago. It’s easy and the opening can be easily pretty-fied.

I asked a couple of people I know to help me decide and most of them prefer the housewife type of pillowcase. Gio also prefers this type because its neater since the pillow is not peeking out the other end and he said that it helps keep the pillow fluff contained. So that’s what I made.

First thing ofcourse is to wash the fabric. Then I used an Ikea pillowcase as a pattern for my pillowcase. I ended up with two rectangles with one being 8 inches longer than the other. The longer one will be the one with the flap.



For packaging, I used a plastic box that I have been hoarding and wrote a small info card about the pillowcases with my shaky calligraphy (again.) I also added my DIY quilled Christmas card to add a little festive feel.

And we’re finally finished! 😀  I must say that the pillowcases are the ones I like best. I will definitely make one for us, this time I hope it won’t take me two years to get to it. Which of the three DIY gifts did you like best? 🙂

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