The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Gift #2

If you missed the first DIY gift, check it out here:

The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Gift #1

On to the next DIY gift for November..

When I got married, I bought a pad of acid free drawing paper for our wedding guest tree..

drawn by my sister and photo taken by c/o H 🙂

The tree only needed one piece of paper so I was left with a whole big pad of it for a long time.

slippers for size comparison..

Then I discovered watercolor this year and finally found a good use for it. I made my own sketchbooks. I love it so much! Because it lies flat without  those bulky springs and it’s very nice to use for painting or drawing. I made two different sizes for myself.

my sketchbooks 🙂

Since I love them so much I’ll be making one for a gift this Christmas 🙂

I made a 40 page sketchbook but you can always add more pages if you want.

Yeah… that was quite long… but I hope I taught you something there. 🙂 If something is not clear or if you have any questions, drop me a comment 🙂

For the final touch, I added a quirky  pencil from typo and a kneaded eraser from popular bookstore. I also added my parol DIY Christmas card. I think it matches with the color of the sketchbook.

simple handmade sketching gift set

Then I made my own paper bag from manila paper. I stamped a wreath and wrote a greeting with my fail calligraphy. It looks ok but my calligraphy is soo bleh.. It blotted on the paper. But I will still use it.

making my own paper bag.. with very bad calligraphy

I taped the pencil and eraser with washi tape (from Daiso ;)) on the sketchbook so it won’t move around inside the bag and puncture it.

Everything together.

placed everything inside and sealed with another washi tape.


Here’s a close up of a very bad blotted calligraphy. The gold stamp ink is kinda pretty though.. 🙂

That’s it! What do you think? 😀

>>>>>> The Ber Series <<<<<<

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