The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Gift #1

Ola! Well be making DIY gifts for November. 🙂 I like making things but I rarely make them for someone else unless I’m asked because I’m not really confident with my output and well, I don’t want to force my handmade items to other people who might not like them… But this November, I might try and give away these items that I came up with..

I’ll be making three items.

** Gio said my last post about DIY cards is just too long.. so to appease my only reader I’ll  be posting the three DIY gifts in three blog posts. 🙂

Let’s start!

Item 1: Wire Wrapped Gemstone

A few years back, I went through a short phase of gemstone obsession. I use to go to the Library and just read up about them. FuLuShou Complex (a mall full of gemstone selling stores) was nearby and I would go there to look at the gems for sale, even bought a couple of gemstones myself.

I’m over that phase now but I still have my gemstones and other related things, I thought why not make something out of them.

I used stainless steel since this is an item that will be worn.

I also used a Rose Quartz because I think that the meaning and properties of this stone is good for a gift.

Wasn’t that easy? I made another one for myself with a Crystal Quartz. hehe.

We’re done but if you want to go a step further then read on.

Gemstones are said to absorb energies from people they come in contact with. So the next thing to do is to cleanse it.

1.Hold the stone in running water like a brook or river. Since I’m no where near a river or brook, I used running water from the tap. I remember reading from somewhere that this works just fine too. Then I just dried it with kitchen towels while avoiding to make skin contact with the stone.

hold under running water

2.  I also placed it in a singing bowl that I got from Hong Kong. You’re supposed to put it in the middle, then hit the bowl and sustain the sound by running the mallet around the rim thrice to the right and then again to the left. I saw this in a FuLuShou store when I bought some bracelets. I don’t know if there are any significance with the number of rounds to the right and left.

tibetan singing bowl

3. After that, if you want to “program” your stone, go to a quiet place where you can concentrate and hold the stone and think of all the good/positive wishes you have until you are satisfied. I skipped this step because I want the stone to absorb the energies and wishes of my “giftee”.

Next step is to energize it.

To energize a gemstone, put it under moonshine or sunshine. I placed mine under moonshine for around 30 mins because sunshine can be a little bit strong and may sometimes cause color fading on the stone. Moonshine is gentle energy while sunshine is strong energy.



Last step is packaging. I knitted a small lace pouch with a nice glittery yarn from Daiso and wrote some stone information on a nice semi-stiff paper with my shaky calligraphy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And that’s it. I don’t really believe in gemstones but the idea behind them is kinda cool. I think this is a thoughtful gift to give someone. I hope I inspired you to make one 🙂

>>>>>> The Ber Series <<<<<<

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