The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Cards

We’ve been very busy last October. I traveled back home and there are big shifts in Hannah’s life so we haven’t been able to post our DIY’s earlier… Then Halloween and All Saints Day came.. its kinda weird posting Christmas stuff on those days.. so … let’s just pretend it’s still October! 😀

For October (Oh October, where did you go!) we’ll be making DIY cards (as the title so wittingly says.. hehe). I’ll be making 3 DIY cards that will use different kinds of fun crafting methods.

Just to warn you, This is a long post… 🙂





Quilling is so much fun! I’ve only discovered it this year. Hannah brought me to a stationary/craft shop in Abu Dhabi and I got my quilling tool from there. Since then, I’ve made a couple of pretty quilled things.

I know a slotted tool is hard to find, but fear not! To make this card, I used a needle, a mechanical pencil, and my fingers to make the shapes.

If you really want to have your own quilling tool, you can make one:

This site also have cool tutorials on quilling. Here are the entries that shows you how to make a lot of quilling shapes and these tutorials are so easy to follow (and fun too..).

So on to the card..

** I used 3 cm width of quilling paper.

quil - 01

Using a fat needle (or a toothpick), make a spiral by wrapping the paper on the needle and sliding it off.

quil - 02

Glue the spiral using ordinary white paper glue to your paper. Snip off the excess paper.

quil - 03

With a 2.5 cm length of quilling paper, make circles by wrapping the paper around the barrel of a pen or pencil and glue where the paper ends meet.

quil - 04

Slide off the circle from the pen and shape them into a heart. Make 25 of these small hearts and glue them on your paper forming a Christmas tree.

quil - 05

With 2.5 cm length of quilling paper, make a tight coil with your fingers by rolling the paper between your thumb and index finger. Start small and continue to roll until you’ve finished the paper.  Glue them on to your tree to represent the decor.

quil - 06

With a 20 cm length of quilling paper, roll a loose coil and glue the end. Then pinch the sides to form a square. Glue this to the bottom of your tree to serve as the pot.

quil - 07

With 2.5 cm of quilling paper, make 4 teardrops by making a circle with a toothpick and pinching the tip. Glue four on top of the tree to form the star.

quil - 08

Trim excess paper and glue on top of your card base. My card base is a red cardstock folded in half.

quil - 9


Paper Cutting

I chose to depict the Barasoain Church to symbolize the Simbang Gabi tradition we have in the Philippines. Its an important landmark in my province and our country.  Simbang Gabi means “Night Mass”. It’s called Night Mass but its held in the wee hours of the morning for 9 days, before Christmas. It’s said that when you complete the 9 days, you can make a wish and it will come true. I also added the “Maligayang Pasko” (Merry Christmas) to fill up the space.

The paper I used for this card is the left over metallic gold from our wedding invitations and I used dark blue card stock as my card’s base to make it pop out.

This card uses a little photoshop with the pen tool. It’s not really necessary, you can cut right after drawing, but I think it helps with keeping all those straight lines level and you can make the lines thicker. Here’s a great video tutorial about the pen tool : Falling Knowledge – photoshop tutorial pen tool for beginners

Cutting Tips:

1.  Enjoy the process, take your time. 

2.  Use a blade with a sharp tip.

3.  Cut away from the corners.

** click on the image to enlarge.

01 - paper cutting

sketch out your design with pencil and then trace over with a pen. I used a Sakura mircon pen.

02 - paper cutting

After tracing out your design, erase the pencil lines so that you can clearly see the inked lines.

03 - paper cutting

Optional step – scan your design and trace out your design in photoshop using the pen tool.

04 - paper cutting

Optional step – scan your design and trace out your design in photoshop using the pen tool.

04 - paper cutting

After tracing with the pen tool, flip your image horizontally. If you’re skipping the photoshop, you should draw your design already flipped.

06 - paper cutting

Print the image on paper and start cutting. The printed side will be the wrong side. Tip: Use a blade with a sharp tip and cut away from the corners.

07 - paper cutting

Fold over your cards stock to the desired width. This will be the card’s base.

08 - paper cutting

Glue on your cut out to the card base.

09 - paper cutting

Trim excess paper.

10 - paper cutting




I finally got to make a Parol :). This card is really simple to make.

I started with a 10×10 cm shiny origami paper and cut it into a pentagon.

Here’s a diagram on how to make a pentagon from a square.

Then fold the pentagon into a star. I found a pefect tutorial on how to fold the star. I don’t want to “reinvent the wheel” so just click here for the instructions: Five Pointed Origami Star

origami star - 01

after folding your star, set it aside.

origami star - 02

Make 2 of this garland for the star.

origami star - 03

Lay the star and the garlands out on your card base. When you are satisfied with the look, glue them in place.

origami star - 04

Add some greetings and all done!


Whew! 🙂

If you are still in the mood to make envelopes, here’s a cool blog about making beautiful envelopes. I think it would make your DIY card extra special.

*Her site is really cool. There’s a lot of other wonderful tutorials to be inspired from. I definitely recommend exploring!


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