I was googling about watercolors and I ended up  watching videos about mini/portable ones. Portable watercolors somehow led me to read about sketchwalks.

I’m so curious about the rules of this activity. Like how long should one sketch take? Or how many do you have to make? Or are there really rules?

I think it would be so much fun to go and walk around with a group of people and record what catches your eye and maybe learn some new techniques/skills from them. Of course meeting new people is a wonderful bonus.

It would be cool to join one. .. but I’m a shy kid.. and I have seen some of their sketches from the sketchwalk and shucks! those kinds of output would take me days if not weeks! By the time I’m done, I would be the only one left walking around dazed and hungry. Yes. I talked myself out of it.

But I still wanted to try it out.. I made a date with Gio to go biking at the Punggol Park Connector last Saturday. He agreed and it was finalized with a google event.

We went out at 8:00 am and biked around for an hour. We stopped for a few minutes to eat the sandwiches we brought with us and them we rode our bikes again . We came across this mural. Perfect! all straight lines.


I invested 1hr and 30 mins for this sketch. Gio was already playing with the centipedes on the ground when I was done.

It was already 10:30 am and we figured that I can still sneak in one more “QUICK” sketch before lunch. So we rode our bikes again and around 11 am, we sat down in a shade by the river and I sketched the view. I asked Gio to time me.

This sketch was 30 mins. It looks ok from a far or at first glance but look at it some more and.. meh. It’s weird and messy. I actually panicked when I reached the 20  minute mark and just swished paint around. hehe

So anyway that was my last sketch. After that we went to the mall and ate lunch. I really had a good time. Gio said he also did and that it was his first time for a long time to see a centipede again. haha!

Although what we did was more like a “sketchbike”(?) , I still had fun. We’re planning to do something like this again. Then when I gather enough guts, I might join one of those sketchwalk someday.



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