Watercolor Novice

I decided to learn how to watercolor last July.

I wasn’t really expecting much from myself since drawing or painting is not my forte. I’ve tried paint by numbers just to see how “painting” feels like but I know I’m just kidding myself when I say its “painting”. To tick painting off my bucket list, I decided to try and learn watercoloring.  Since this is not really a serious endeavor, just wanted to dip my toes in so to speak.. I decided to learn it myself.

I bought a set of brushes and watercolors from daiso and started searching for watercolor books. But I’m more of a visual learner so I tried to google tutorials. I found a lot of watercolor experts who are very generous with their knowledge. One of them is Stan Miller. His videos are so easy to follow and they are really informative too. I actually surprised myself with my outcome!

Some lessons…

My very first venture into watercolor. Exploring tones..

lesson on values and tones…

Exploring and mixing colors… Painting with only blue, red, and yellow… the shadow on my apple is a bit funny.. but it still looks like an apple. 🙂

My paintings (in order of painting)… I have no particular theme going on… I just paint what ever random thing comes to my mind. These are all painted from pictures.

My favorite dish!

Toothpaste made in the Philippines.


Fail painting… this was supposed to be lumpiang shanghai lauriat from chowking…


A camel figurine from Hannah.


Philippine Jeepney


cartographic sketch of gio.. hehehe

I know my “works” (wow! big word!) aren’t really picasso/van gogh level. I definitely won’t be having any exhibits anytime soon,  but I don’t think they’re that bad either. I think I’ve considerably improved since my first lesson. Don’t you think? (please say yes! *beautiful eyes*)

“Not bad kaye!” >pat myself on the back< and to Mr. Stan Miller – thank you, shukran, gracias, arigato, xie xie, salamat! for helping me discover how cool watercolor is.

I’m starting to fall in love with watercolor!


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