what’s on my desk


I have been using the ikea micke desk for more than 3 years now for all things I do that require a desk (sewing, quilling, painting, knitting, crochet-ing, net surfing, etc..). It’s the basic model without the side drawer.

micke desk

Depth: 50 cm Height: 75 cm Width: 73 cm

Over the years, my table top have become crowded and the working area is now more smaller.. but it all still works out for me :).. since Gio’s table is just next to mine, my things sometimes find their way over there.. 😉

This is how my desk currently looks like ( Yes. I cleaned up a little… ok ok a lot. :P):

full desk 2

The oldest items aside from the desk:

1. Ikea desk pad which have turned yellow because of a few paint by numbers “accidents”…  🙂 (Messy crafter represent!!)

2. White Ikea desk lamp – I forgot how much but the light stand now is $12 (Hemma lamp base).

3. My laptop 13″ sony laptop with my small prolink mouse.

Other items:

mats that I always have on the table…

notebook for ideas.. it’s where I write down songs I hear from the radio, blog ideas, craft ideas, etc. Water brush – still practicing on painting. Paper scraps and origami letters – surprise blog series/entry..maybe.. hehe. Sheep mousepad – bought from popular bookstore -super cute!

For the next items, I’ve decided to group them together (to make things easier for me 😛 )…



group 1

paint brushes from daiso – recently learning to watercolor. air dry clay flower – made this myself, first attempt on a gerbera :). White Glue – from daiso, I use it for quilling. Drawing Pad – I haven’t really used this enough. Sewing machine oil – from spotlight, use it for my brother sewing machine. usb cable – for anything that needs to be connected to my laptop.


Group 2: clear and decorative tapes – from daiso, used for crafting projects. calligraphy ink – used for drawing and calligraphy


group 3

My miniature living room- not yet finished, still have a lot of mini things to add.. 🙂


group 4

small books (logic puzzle, caligraphy, cash book) and film beside my pencil cup


Lets dissect this …..

pencil cup

I have a lot of things in here…. for sewing, writing, drawing, and a lot more

group 4-1

group 4-2

group 4-6

group 4-3

group 4-4

group 4-5



group 5

row counter – for knitting. yarns- knitting, crochet, tatting, etc. pincushions – to hold my pins, I made both of these 😀


group 6

Origami paper – to try out and fold small origami models. Colored post its and bookmark post its.. very useful, can also be used for origami.


Whew! That’s all of it (on an organized day). What’s on yours? 😀


Hannah’s desk here.


3 thoughts on “what’s on my desk

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  3. 1. I still love that miniature room! 🙂
    2. How did you take such clear pictures your things?
    3. I read you have a surprise blog? When can we expect it?? :p

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