drawing happy people

I bought 2 books yesterday..

umoto sachiko

Illustration school series by Sachiko Umoto.. let’s draw happy people and let’s draw magical color

I got them from popular bookstore yesterday. $21.50 each… It might have been an impulse buy. When Gio saw the books he said it looks just like my drawings… I got kinda excited and I bought them.

Although it might have been an impulse buy (21.50 is not cheap 😦 ) I don’t regret the purchase (just the price.. 😛 ). The book is cute and fun and it has some nice tips on drawing and color combinations..

I tried it out the this afternoon with the Pentel compact water brush I also got yesterday from art friend. It’s my first time to use one so I got the least expensive one from the display ( $7.00)… and I love it! I might get other ones that can hold more water :)..

drawing happy us attempt

a not so good drawing.. the pen lines were smudged by the water color and I made some mistakes on drawing gio’s arms.. more practice for me!

There are more books in her Illustration school series:

I want to get the plants and small creatures but maybe next next month.. hehe.  For now, I’m practicing drawing happy people and watercolor painting… and enjoying a cool, rainy Sunday afternoon with Gio…

rain clouds

and listening to songs about Sunday .. 🙂

” easy..easy like Sunday morning.. aahahahah… even if its an afternoon..aaahaaahaha…”



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