Thirty Reasons

There are definitely more than thirty because our life together can’t really be quantified… but just to fit in with this special occasion, here’s my thirty reasons why you’re the right kind of perfect for me…

1. Always laughing. Its your default reaction to anything. It makes hard situations a little lighter.
2. You have never fought with me or shouted at me.. you just always laugh.. (see item above).
3. You allow me to do things I enjoy and have always been supportive on things I want to do.
4. You are very handy with electronics. Your geek side comes in handy a lot even other people consult you with techy stuff..(maybe we should start charging talent fee.. hehe).
5. You always hold my hand. Even if I’m mad, you’ll risk life and limb just to hold my hand..
6. You have a heart of a kid… I think that’s why we don’t have that many wrinkles. 😀
7. You care for me in practical ways. I seldom receive roses or chocolates. There are no grand gestures or drama when it comes to showing your affections for me. I know its just not your thing.  But you make up for it with your thoughtfulness in small ways everyday. Like buying me my favorite mango mousse dessert, or maintaining my bike, or buying me junk food. haha! I guess you basically feed me. haha
8. You are honest. I don’t think you are capable of lying intentionally. I always know. You are not really very good. 😛
9. Intelligent. One of the reasons why I fell for you..
10. Helpful. I feel very touched when I witness you go out of your way to help others out. Giving up your seat, Offering to help older people… because of you I try to help out others too..
11. Uninhibited. When it comes to our relationship.. you are shameless! hehe. I’m still working on being as open to you as you are to me. Thanks for your patience 🙂
12. You take good care of yourself. I remember one of the sweetest things you told me .. You go to the gym because you want to be strong and healthy. You want to have a longer life with me and incase someone tries to hurt me, you can protect and defend me…
13. Mababaw. Corny jokes are just a hit for you.
14. Dependable. I can count on you for adult things. Like paying our bills or calling the electrician or fixing our toilet..
15. You love old songs. You made me love the beegees, the beetles, queen..
16. Shopping reverse psychologist. I like to bring you to my shopping expeditions because I can save a lot. hehe
17. You still give me the flutters when you turn on that charm. 😉
18. Your kisses and hugs. when we were in college you told me that a person needs atleast one hug everyday to be healthy.. I’m pretty sure it was just your gimmik so you can hug me. 😛
19. You are a good son, brother, and uncle. I can’t wait to see you be a dad. 🙂
20. You are good to my family. You respect them and even care for their welfare.
21. You tolerate my mood swings.
22. You know I love it when you are in your thinking mode. A thinking man is a handsome man.
23. Your kid like grin… it just gets me everytime.. 🙂
24. Its rare, but you can be serious when it matters.
25. You are my confidant. I can tell you anything without fear of judgement, from the mundane to the most serious.
26. You wash dishes. My most hated household chore. hehe
27. You like fun facts and science. Like that thing about ear wax and body odor.. yep.. interesting stuff. hehe
28. I’m crazy about your ears.
29. I like how we are a team.. and how we work together to have the life we want.
30. You love me… and I love you. ♥

Happy 3 decades to you.. (yeah.. that sounds old huh.. 😛 )
And I wish you more happy and healthy decades with me 🙂




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