magkaibigang tunay

I got a dose of nostalgia today while watching MMK. This song was playing in the background…


I’m not really a fan of  Jolina, but I was a big fan of  AngTV show. (Who wasn’t???) I had their album on tape!





I still remember the lyrics to the songs. 🙂

Gosh.. I remember memories way back when I was in elementary. Mostly I remember SEYEN.   This was the name we called our group of friends which Hannah was also a part of. Each letter symbolized a name of each person in the group. I have wonderful childhood/pre-teen memories because of them. I learned how to be a friend because of this group. They made living in “the land of the crescent moon” so much more happier. We’ve pretty much gone our separate ways now. It’s just me and Hannah who kept in touch through out the years. I wonder how the others are and if I ever cross their minds too…I hope they are all well and happy. 🙂



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