Hannah and I got in a discussion about how we both came from a structured life. How we’ve always  followed a path.. kindergarten, grade school, high school, college, work.. we’ve always known the next step. Now that we are considered adult by society’s standards, suddenly we get to choose where to go next. It is overwhelming… and a little scary because it’s a whole new frontier for us and really.. how do you decide the best path for you to take??

There are still a lot of things I want to accomplish in my life. Sometimes, I get a little detoured and a lot of confusion ensues, but when I go and evaluate what I really want in my life  I always go back to the same things…

 I want to become a housewife in our home with healthy happy kids in the Philippines were we have enough to live comfortably on and take care of our parents and our family.

 We decided to make our own dream boards (Here’s hers!)… like a map to guide us so we don’t get ourselves confused with the dreams of others.  Ahh… to dream…

dream board


My dreams:

1. I want to grow old with Gio and still be young at heart. I’m looking forward to more adventures with him.. I don’t know if this counts as a dream because we are growing together. I guess this will serve as a reminder for me to take care of myself more. Live more healthy to have a longer life with him.




2. We already have a house of our own. But it is just that. A house. I dream to be able to live in it someday with our family and turn that structure into a comfortable home for us. I hope it won’t take us long.


3. I want to be a housewife. Yes, housewife. The desire to be one grows stronger everyday. Hopefully in five years time??


4. I dream of having happy and healthy kids. Fantasy: Cooking lunch in our kitchen while looking out our front yard and hearing their giggles and watching them play and be just kids while Gio washes the car in our garage.


5. I want to travel the world with my family. Not necessarily every country but just a place that is totally different from our culture. I think that travel makes Gio and I closer and more aware of the international community we belong to. I also think that meeting strangers helps us grow and I want our family to experience that too.



6. I wish for us to live near family. I want our kids to experience having grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins while growing up.  I’m still under the opinion that Philippines is the best place to be a kid.  Cebu is like a common ground for us. It is where Gio’s family lives and it is where my father’s side of the family is too. And Cebu is also a city where Gio would be able to continue working in his chosen carreer.



7. I also dream of not just being an ordinary housewife, but also to have businesses of our own that I can manage, so that we could afford for me to be a housewife and still be able to take care of our family. Businesses that we think have a market in the Philippines: Bakery/cafe, Gym (something that Gio knows about), Water refilling station, and an apartment… or maybe I could do something with Hannah… things are always easier with a friend. 🙂



7. This is something I have always dreamed of way back when I was in highschool. I dreamed of going on a road trip with my dearest friends, getting caught in manila traffic but still having the time of our lives. I dream of getting a call in the middle of the afternoon to go out for coffee and just chitchat about anything under the sun. I dream of having loud and happy dinners together with our families. We haven’t done any of those yet.. just a few with Hannah. We are all still in the process of building a secure life for ourselves.. somehow we are still part of each others lives and we all try to keep each other updated.. But I want more! I do hope someday that we’d get to spend time more often. It would be great if we could live near each other…


That’s it. There are small dreams in between ofcourse, but these dreams are what I really wish to accomplish in my lifetime. I also think that these dreams aren’t that impossible for us to reach. With the right amount of teamwork, determination, hardwork, and help from people around us, we’ll get there!


4 thoughts on “Dreaming…

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  2. I love your dream board. I love the song you dedicate to your life with Gio. I love that you consider me as a business partner. I love that we’re little happy fingerlets with faces!

    We’ll see each other soon and give a toast to our dreams. May they all come true..♥

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