We are not so rich to buy cheap things

Gio has become philosophical lately when it comes to my spending…

pooh bear coin bank

This is the quote Gio always tells me when I pick up something and say, “Uy! mura lng!” (“Hey! Cheap!”).  This is his secret weapon against my “buying” habits. It’s pretty effective because I end up putting the thing back where I got it from.

I’m not really a shopping addict. But I do love a bargain and over the years I have accumulated a lot (mostly crafting materials). Here’s my top 20 cheap things that don’t really break the bank…

Daiso knife – made in Japan. I had this for 4 years now.


Daiso deck brush – We have this brush for 3 years now. I use it to clean our bathroom. It makes scrubbing the floor so much easier on the back.

deck brush

Daiso floor wipes and wiper – 2 dollars each. I like this too. It’s more convenient than a mop.

sweep set

Daiso wet ones – I love this. I use it to wipe everything that is dusty in our house.

wet ones

Daiso plastic gloves – I find this useful when cleaning up the house.


Lighted ear cleaner – we’ve been using this for 3 years. got it for 50 cents. It’s really a nice to use when cleaning ears.

ear cleaner

Brother sewing machine – i love this! I’ve had this for 3 years now.  We got it on sale for $299. Amazon sell’s this cheaper.

Motorola Walkie Talkie – I got this for Gio for $84 dollars. It has been very useful especially when we are travelling. I think this is a bargain because the original price is 100+.

walkie talkies

Coca Cola glasses –  We got this three years ago. It was a giveaway from a mc donalds’ happy meal. We just transferred houses and have these green plates from ikea but no glasses. So we ate a lot of happy meal just to get the glasses 🙂


Jewelry Case – I got this from a 3 for 10 shop in Lucky Plaza. I use it when we travel.

jewelry case

Black Shoulder Bag – I bought this for $28 four years ago and used it for the first time during our honeymoon in Japan. This is my sight seeing bag.

shoulder bag

Shredder scissors – I got this from popular bookstore for $5.90. I use it for my quilling projects 🙂

shredder scissors

Crystal Curtain Ties – I got this from japan four years ago in one of their 100 yen shops.

curtain ties

Kitchen Flower Pressure Cooker – My gift for christmas. Gio got this from Groupon for $64. I’ve used this a lot since christmas. For a $64 pressure cooker, this definitely works like its worth so much more.

pressure cooker

Giant bookshelves – this is super cheap compared to the ikea billy bookcases. . $9 only. We have 5 of these. 2 for shoes, 3 for our things..

giant shelf


Rubi walking sandals – I like these sandals a lot. $15. It’s very comfortable.


Ikea basket – I got this three years ago when ikea had a sale.. got it for less than 15 dollars…

ikea basket

Daiso crafting materials – glue, felt, cloth, ruler, beads, origami paper, needles, knitting needles, crochet hook, yarn, sewing thread, embroidery thread, wire pliers, cutting mat, clay mat… Yeah, daiso is my crafting heaven!

Laiva bookshelf – 20 dollar bookshelf that I’ve had for 3 years. Here is where my craft materials reside..

craft shelf

Booksale books – I have lots! Taking a picture is a bit impossible. 😛  The price ranges from $2-10. I have lots to the point that it has become impossible to walk around in our room without stubbing your toes on one of my books.  Gio has already banned me from buying physical books… So now I just buy digital ones.

Thats it! The top 20 cheap things that I like.. The walkie talkies and the pressure cooker are a bit on the pricey side.. but considering the quality, I think they are a bargain..:)

Here are  more  interesting  finds! 😀


2 thoughts on “We are not so rich to buy cheap things

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  2. Love, love, love, lovin’ the whole Walkie Talkie idea. I’ve started suggesting them to everyone I know who travel 🙂 🙂

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