Clean and Presentable

This month, my shared topic with my best friend is “beauty regimen”. I knew that I have a simple one but after writing it down.. what regimen??? I realize that all I have is a simple routine so people don’t have nightmares after seeing me… hehehe. So..

DISCLAIMER: These are just things I do to be clean and presentable and look less like a wrinkly old woman (naks! woman daw…). I am in no way knowledgeable about beauty rituals or products or beauty in general.

*I made cartoons for pictures to help you get through this post 🙂


My weekday mornings starts with negotiations with the alarm clock (beauty sleep is important you alarm clock you!!!).


I set my alarm for 7:15 am but because I have the power of “swipe to snooze”, I’m usually awake around 7:25 am. Sometimes I extend to a whopping 5 minutes more if our comfortable bed just won’t let me go. After a few second of limb stretching, I’m up and off to the shower.

shower area

As of now I’m using herbal essence shampoo and conditioner,  shokubutsu body soap, and a loofah from watsons.

Shower is just the regular soap and shampoo. When I’m in the mood (or not late), I use conditioner. This rarely happens though.. so frizzy-dry-fluffy hair for the win! yay! (I very recently had my hair rebonded so this is not a problem now :)).  I also use an antibacterial facial wash in the shower.

After drying with a towel, I move on to the sink and gargle with Listerine…


listerine cool mint

Then apply the following things:

  • body lotion – I have a lot of these. I usually get them as gifts during christmas and other occasions so I don’t really have a fixed brand I use.
  • pimple gel – sebamed pimple gel. I use this only if there is a need.
  • lipbalm – mary kay lip balm.
  • facial moisturizer – cetaphil.
  • sunscreen – belo sunscreen which I bought the last time we went to Philippines.
morning routine

these are all the products I use daily

If its a workday, I dress up for work then slap some color to cover that anemic look I have in the morning.


face color


vitress hair cuticle oil and philips hair dryer

After getting my face colored in, I put Vitress on my hair and blow dry it just so its not damp and sticky while I travel to work. Then… tada!!! Pede na pangontra sa ipis!

ready for work

ready for the day!

I do the same things during the weekend, except that I wake up much later, around 9-ish and if I’m staying at home, I sometimes skip the shower part.. hehehehehe 😀


Before going to sleep, I do a facial scrub twice a week (if I don’t forget) . Then wash my face with antibacterial facial wash which I have to leave on for 3 minutes. Whatever I do to my face, I also do it to my neck to keep them in the same skin tone.

midnight wash

I massage the facial cleanser and facial scrub on my face  and neck this way… read about it in some japanese magazine that one of the things japanese women do to keep their skin young is facial massage…

While waiting for the 3 minute mark, I brush my teeth. If I had a deliciously smelly dinner, I gargle with Listerine then sometimes I floss.


colgate and my super favorite toothbrush, philips sonicare. It gives my teeth a professional cleaning. Just like going to the dentist.


Listerine and pearl white floss

After all of the teeth pimping, I rinse off the facial wash and pat dry my face. Then I apply the following potions:

  • toner – I’ve been using eskinol since I was in highschool.
  • pimple gel
  • moisturizer
  • lip balm
  • eye serum (if I don’t forget)

night potions

Then I say my prayers and sink into our bed and I’m off to peaceful oblivion.


There are also other stuff I subject myself to once in a while:

facial mask

I use whatever is onsale in watsons.. hehe


a mask from bodyshop which I seldom use because it really is very troublesome…


I exfoliate once every three years? really seldom. I do it just to get rid of those stubborn pimple marks.

mani pedi

I usually just trim my nails.. but when I’m in the mood and have time for it I give my feet a good soak and scrubbing and paint my nails.. when I have extra money I go and have someone else do it for me 🙂


products and tool I use to tame my kiwi-fruit like legs and eyebrows…hehehe.


comedone extractor I sometimes use

I also go for facials and hair treatments once in a blue moon.


Aside from all of these there are also other free things that I practice.

healthy eating active happy thoughts
  • eating healthy –  I am slowly integrating vegetables and fruits to my meals. This needs more practice for me though.
  • be active – I try to sweat it out a few times in a week, not to loose weight but just to give my heart some pumping exercise. Sometimes I play just dance in Gio’s xbox or I do this workout that gives me all over body ache afterwards. I started doing this just this year and I have noticed that my endurance have increased.
  • think positive – thinking positive and always looking for that one good thing in an undesirable situation helps with the wrinkles ;).


Yes, that’s all of it! Nothing really grand or expensive. I use to have a much simpler routine before – dove soap and eskinol. But now, haayyy.. age does things to you that keeps you on your toes. Nobody wants to be losyang!


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