What’s in my travel bag?

what's in my bag
Gio and I have travelled to a handful of places and I have added a few bits and pieces to my carry on travel bag in pursuit of travel comfort.

Here’s a peek! (or more like a full rundown teehee..)

WARNING: This post is long.. because the owner of the bag is a girl. Items mentioned may not be necessarily important but as mentioned, the owner is a girl. (Following item numbering might also induce dizziness.)



1. Eye mask – I sew this one :). It’s really a practical thingamajig. Specially  useful  in long haul flights on budget airlines where the stewards don’t really turn off the lights. I get a more restful sleep when I’m rocking this flowery thing.

2. Neck Pillow – Lurve it! This is not really in my travel bag… I sort of carry it around with the bag. Although its a pain to be carrying around, its worth it in the end. I find that it helps me position my head in a comfortable way without stressing my neck. I get to sleep better while sitting.

3. Scarf – big black scarf that doubles as a “blankie”, I share this with Gio to cover ourselves while we sleep. It gives a tiny bit of warmth and a little feeling of privacy.

4. Socks – I only put these on when I’m cold or wearing sandals or flats.


1. Dettol wet-ones – I find these better than alcogel.. I’m not a germaphobe but my brain thinks that my hands are really clean since I’m wiping the dirt off rather than just rubbing my hands with liquid-gel and letting it dry… I’m not crazy right??

2. Liners – it’s a girl thing.

3. Lactacyd feminine wipes – it’s a girl thing. SO useful when you really need to go in the plane.

4. Pocket tissue – for everything else that needs wiping.


1. Facial cleansing wipes – for an instant clean, fresh face.

2.  Facial mask – something I learned from Michelle Phan. After wiping my face clean I plop on a facial mask and start snoozing. By the time I wake up, the mask is dry but my skin is smooth and hydrated. The first time I did this was on an 8 hour flight to  Abu Dhabi. When we got off the plane, my  mom complimented us on how good our skin looks… hehe… yup, got Gio doing it too..

3. Sunscreen – I only put this when our arrival is in the morning.

4. Hand Lotion – to make sure I don’t have wrinkly dried up hands.

5. Facial Moisturizer – I also put a bit of moisturizer for super hydration.

6. Lip Balm – I put lip balm on my lips while I sleep too… or whenever I feel I need it.


1. Eyebrow powder – for character.

2. Eyebrow pencil – for a more defined brow or a quick brow filling before deplaning.

3. Mascara – for drama!

4. Lip tint – for a little “natural” color.

5. Lipstick – for MORE color.

6. Oil perfume -I just recently discovered oil perfumes.. This one is lavender and lemon grass. The scent is suppose to relax and calm me..

7. Color Changing Lip Balm –  a lip balm that supposedly changes color when applied to your lips. It supposedly enhances your natural lip color while moisturizing and protecting it. I just use this sometimes…

8. Facial Powder – I don’t really use this while on the plane… sometimes after blotting oil, I powder my face ..

9. Pimple Gel – to dry out those unavoidable pimples.

10. Compact Mirror –  just to make sure everything goes on where they should in my face.

11. Hair Ties – I’m a pony tail kind of girl…

12. Comb –  to tame that pesky frizz you get when your hair get some static due to rubbing on the headrest.. or sometimes from combing too much… hmm.. its an endless cycle…

13. Oil blotter – so that I don’t (as Rihanna says..) “Shine bright like a diamond”. I use this mostly after getting off the plane or before using the facial wipes.

14. Tweezer – to tame my rogue eyebrows.


1. mp3 Player –  songs to listen to.

2 & 3 : Kindle & a Real Book – something to read.

4. Threaded Tatting Shuttles – backup plan in case I finish the book and my kindle is dead battery.


1. Cellphone – very battered but still important cellphone. Holds my contacts, emails, photos, my life.. (not really.. hehe)

2. Passport – ofcourse!

3. Wallet – my credit cards, a bit of money, and my id’s.

4. Rosary –  a rosary my  mom gave me when I left for college. Her bestfriend gave this to her. Its blessed by pope john paul. Very special to me.

5. Camera

6. House keys

7. Tictacs – 20 cents tiny tictacs.. not really necessary.. just cute. hehe

8. Flashlight –  recent addition. Gio said its good for protection. It has come very handy when we stayed at a Hostel in Australia. So this is here to stay.

9. Bullet Journal, Field Notebook, and a Click pen – I just recently started this bullet journal so this is also a recent travel addition. Field Notebook are for notes, doodles, etc.. This pen  is really useful when you are in a hurry. No need to fumble with a pen cap.

10. EZ link card

11. Eneloop portable charger

12. Pocket Sewing Kit – I’ve had this for so long. I got this from japan.. I haven’t really used this except for that one time in Hong Kong.. long blog story.. 😉

13. Shades – I don’t wear shades in the plane..

14. Small padlock and key – just incase we need to check in a bag…


TOTAL ITEMS: 46 (excluding printouts of plane ticket and accommodation reservations)

travel items

TOTAL OF IMPORTANT ITEMS: 40?? ok.. maybe less than 10.. 😛



My bestfriend and I decided to blog about the same things once a month. This is a first of many (I hope) of our best friend blog series! She’s also a girl..(translate to long and interesting bag post 🙂 )



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