Korean Pressure Cooker Decoded

For Christmas, my husband got me my first ever pressure cooker from Groupon. A beautiful Kitchen Flower Pressure Cooker. I was so excited to use it and cook up delectable masterpieces (ambisyosa!).

eco flower cooker

Kitchen Flower Eco Cook Pressure Cooker.. soo preetttyy..

BUT there was a problem…

The whole instruction booklet was in KOREAN!!! hahay….


Not to be defeated, I scoured youtube for any reviews or demonstrations, but they were all in Korean too. I also googled to see if there is an english version of the manual.. no luck.

Desperate,  I brought the manual with me to my office. I asked an officemate to translate for me (she took basic Korean classes once upon a time..) She was only able to recognize a few words. It helped a little but still not enough for me to use the cooker (I’m too scared to die incase it explodes… watched too much youtube videos…).

Whining and  looking oh-so-forlorn that  my beautiful pressure cooker would only be for display, my other officemate suggested that I give google translate a try. With no other option left, I installed the app in my phone and tried it out. Then the heavens parted and the angels sang!!


I patiently translated the whole korean manual  for 2 days. If you have a pressure cooker like mine, here are some useful/ important pages. (Just click on the image to view in full resolution. DISCLAIMER: THESE ARE ROUGH TRANSLATIONS… GOOD LUCK!!!)

Page 3: Cooker Parts

Page 3: Cooker Parts

Page 5 : Cooker Seasoning

Page 5 : Cooker Seasoning

Page 6: How to Use

Page 6: How to Use

Page 7: Notes

Page 7: Notes

Page 8: Precautions

Page 8: Precautions

Page 9: After Use

Page 9: After Use

The result?



Yes, it was delicious!! 😀


10 thoughts on “Korean Pressure Cooker Decoded

  1. Wahahahahhaah!! I knew you watched millions of videos but I didn’t know you went to the lengths of trying to write Korea para matranslate!!
    Hahaha so so funny ^___^

  2. Hahaha you did tell me you were dying to figure out what it said. But to try and write Korean is really hilarious! Looool… congrats! ^__^

  3. Thank you. Your translation was very helpful as there was no English version of the owner manual; not even from the company website. I like your handwriting too. They are very artistic, neat and clear.

  4. You’re very welcome! 😀 I have to confess though that I used a font for the notes. I think the font name was “FlowProu” 🙂

  5. Hi,

    thank you for sharing. My mom bought this kind of pressure cooker and never used it until today. As we opened the container, oh god, the guide book is in korean! I thought I could find the english guide on the website of the company,but no luck. I tried to type each word onto google translator with the hope that I could understand somehow, but I failed at the first page. I hope with your translation I can understand how to use it. Thanks again!

  6. I love to eat healthy and cook sumptuous dishes. However I do not speak Korean. I purchased this pressure cooker last year and because I didn’t speak nor read Korean it’s stayed in my pantry until now. Can’t wait to cook something for my family.
    Salamat, Gracias, Mahalo, Arigato, Danka, She-she, Kam sa-ham-nida, and Thanks.

  7. This Korean company should thank you for all your effort. I really appreciate your kindness to share so I can understand it’s important safety information and user guide. THANKS A LOT!!

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