Good old 2013


I personally have a lot of things to be thankful for in the year that passed..

1. I finally became a permanent staff in the company I’m working for. It has been a LOOOONG love and hate journey to get here… 5 years to be exact… I don’t know why I stayed, but I did and it finally, FINALLY paid off. Although there is an uneasy feeling of being undervalued, I can get pass that and be truly happy about how things turned out. Full benefits baby!


2. My sister has finally graduated from college! We’re all so proud of her accomplishment. She graduated from BS Architecture around October and we all went back home to show our support and celebrate with her. I also feel very happy because it’s like a graduation of sorts for my parents too. Having their three beautiful children (yep! including me :P) finally finish their studies is an accomplishment for them too.


3. Cambodia. Gio and I went there on my 29th birthday last March. Particularly in Phnom Phen. It was a very enriching trip and an eye opener on how fortunate I have been in my life. A beautiful country that is still getting over the scars of war.

phnom penh

4. Vigan. Its definitely more fun in the Philippines! The travel experience to this beautiful place is a memorable one. It was our first trip (me and Gio) by ourselves using public transport. This trip gave me confidence in our public transport system and widened my travelling dreams to trips around the Philippines that we could plan with in an affordable budget.


5. Sunway Lagoon, KL. This trip was a birthday surprise for Gio. He thought that we were only taking a bus for a short trip to johor. Imagine his confusion and surprise when we started queing up for the tiger check-in counter. It was a successful surprise. 😀 Everything went right and a lot more of unexpected good luck happened. We were even upgraded to a suite room (a first for us). It was a great experience.

sunWay lagoon

6. Azalea. Our first property that was entirely purchased by the two of us. It made us feel like adults for reals… well for a little while..


7. Malabuyoc. This was such a happy time for me. I went with Gio’s family to their province in Cebu. We went to a lot of beaches and ate yummy food. I felt so welcomed by his family. This trip was like a bonding moment for us and I really feel so happy that there is a level of comfort that I feel  when I’m with them.


8.Macau. We were able to squeeze this last trip for 2013. We went there for our anniversary. I’m thankful for this trip because we got to meet and spend time with Gio’s aunt. And just like the rest of his family, I felt really welcomed by her. Walking around Macau also made me and gio promise to take more walks/bike rides around Singapore rather than spend good days wasting away infront of our laptops.


These are just a few of the things I’m thankful for, there are definitely a  lot.. too much to fit in one blog post. 2013 was a good year for us.. I hope 2014 would be even better.


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