Philippine Dragon Fireworks winning show at the Berlin Pyronale Fireworks World Championship.

Deserving champions! 😀 And you really know that they are proud to be one of our own kabayans because they  put that pinoy touch most notably with the “Tinikling” music. I can’t help but feel proud and nostalgic watching this, especially when “Tanging Yaman” started playing.

This reminded me of my best childhood Christmas. All of us alive and complete. We celebrated in my lola’s house and we had a generous spread with a big fat lechon, gifts to exchange, and games not only for us kids but for the adults as well. The prizes were money and we all won a lot that night. 🙂 My uncle also splurged on the fireworks and we lighted up the whole compound. I remember them even engineering a stand to hold the fireworks so that we could light it from a safe distance.  It was amazing, particularly because I was surrounded by family.


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