As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I volunteered to make the souvenirs for the upcoming wedding of friends.. I’ve intially decided to make keychains but later changed my mind to make magnets instead.

This is my inspiration for this project..

Inspiration board

Having this for reference, I laid out my supplies and got to work….

the making

After painting the starfishes, I let them dry for a while….

painted clay

Painted starfishes… I think they turned out pretty well…

I’m pretty happy with my starfishes 😀 I think they’re pretty close to my “inspiration board”..

After the paint dried, I coated them with matte varnish and waited for it to dry overnight. When everything was all dried up, I glued the magnets and wrote thank you tags on dark blue construction paper with my white ink ballpen.  Then  I packaged them in clear plastics from daiso… Tada!!

Starfish magnets

Pretty cool huh… I’m so happy with how they turned out. I hope my friends like it 🙂


Inspiration Board pictures from here:


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