making things

We just had a long weekend here. August 8 to 12 and I got to do lot of crafting … 😀

air dry clay

As I mentioned in one of my posts, our housemates are getting married. They will be having a ROM here in Singapore and the reception will be at the beach. Just a small intimate gathering of 30 people. I volunteered to make the souvenirs. I  made these small starfishes from a three year old air dry clay. I was initially planning to make keychains out of them but I’m thinking of making them as magnets instead. Anyway they are all currently drying. I’ll write another post of how they turned out..

tatting lace 2

I’m really getting a hang of shuttle tatting. I’M LOVING IT!!!

The small lace star pattern is from here:

I don’t really know how I got into it.. I just remember wondering how laces were made… and one thing led to another.. next thing I know I’m going home with these shuttles from Art Friend….

tatting shuttles

and tatting snowflakes till one in the morning!

elmos snowflake 2

I was also able to sew a doll with two outfits.. 😀

doll making 2

She’s 11.5 inches tall. She was supposed to have black hair but all I had was light brown yarn.  I’m thinking of calling her “Una” , tagalog for “First”. Doll pattern was from a craftbook.

Her 2nd outfit needs some sort of footwear… I’m thinking of crocheting some flipflops to complete the “summer” look.


I’m not really sure if this can be classified as crafting but I was finally  able to continue painting my owl which I bought such a long time ago I couldn’t even remember when. I’m almost finished with it.. just the white color left. I bought it from amazon. The title of the painting is “Wise Owl”. Gio said it looked 3d-ish.

I did a lot of things that it felt like the holidays just zipped by.  But I am amazed how much I did though.. all those crafting! 😀 plus I was able to clean our room and iron our clothes… I am super woman!  (well.. just a little.. hehe)


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