2012 October Photo-a-day

My best friend and I decided to take the photo a day challenge for october from here http://fatmumslim.com.au/october-photo-a-day-challenge-list/

We started on the fourth so I took the list from 1-4 on the fourth to catch up. This activity was fun. 🙂

October 4, 2012

Please ignore my ugly battered feet. This is on the doorway of our bedroom. The marble floors that lead to our living and dining area are ok. Its easy to clean. I love the parquet floors we have in our room..

I have an uncanny ability to ruin just about any footwear. Even gio is amazed. This shoe is just 2 months old.. While walking out of the office for lunch, my right foot started making “tok tok” noise… haaay… I’m no supermodel that’s for sure. I should get this shoe fixed 😦 .

I actually bought this book a while back . I unearthed it while cleaning our room. I’m on a mission. I’m going to read all the books I have before I buy anymore. I really have high hopes for this book.. but the writing is too complex for me that it’s taking me forever to finish it up. I’ve been reading this for two weeks now and I’m STILL at page 37. I read chapter one twice because I didn’t get it much the first read. I also look up words pretty often too.  But despite of the complicated words on this book and the fact that I’m going to have a nose bleed reading this, I’m still hopeful that by the end of this “challenge” I would learn something and my vocabulary will grow by leaps and bounds. 🙂

October 5, 2012

Riding our bikes home after dinner. Its such a cool evening. If I wasn’t very tired, we probably would’ve taken the Park connector bike trail home, which will take around an hour.

October 6, 2012

I am thankful for a day waiting to be seized. A day full of things waiting to happen. I’m always thankful for everyday I get to wake up. Even if I know dreadful things will happen. The fact that I’m alive and healthy is more than enough.

The weather today is nice. Its cool.  I can foresee it’s going to be a relaxing day.

yeah. yeah. This is a catch-up for october 2. I keep forgetting to take this lunchtime picture..hihi. I finally had an opportunity today. As mentioned, this is a relaxing day, we ordered pizza for lunch. so yummy! 😀

October 7, 2012

Philips SpotOn Ultra White LED Motion Sensor Hands Free Light Lamp (whew!)

Philips SpotOn Ultra White LED Motion Sensor Hands Free Light Lamp (whew!)

One of Gio’s purchases that I really like :). We use it everyday. The sensor is pretty good. It only activates when its dark. We turn it on by waving our hands or opening the door. It’s on for 5 minutes and then slowly fades out. The gentle white light it emits is enough for us to find what we are looking for or make our way through our room without disturbing the one who’s already sleeping.

October 8, 2012

A junction near our place

A junction near our place

I had a hard time figuring out what picture to take for “angle”… Its a good thing that the weather this evening is nice. We got to ride our bikes and I got to take a picture. 🙂

October 9, 2012

someday I'll get to deserve this...

Give blood. Save lives.

I have never donated blood. Never saved any lives.


Every time I’d volunteer, there’s ALWAYS something that gets me disqualified from being a donor. The last time I tried, I was under weight by a kilo. I couldn’t believe it! Of all the days to be under weight.. by a kilo! I shamelessly tried to convince the doctor to please ignore that measly kilo and take my blood. Take it! I will live! I promise! Please!! He said I could try again next time.. I was so disappointed..

They still gave me these things after that failed screening (I don’t deserve them!). I sat there sulking with my donation goodies, free crackers and juice while waiting for my friend to finish donating HER blood..

Sigh. These red things on my table remind me that someday I will…

October 10, 2012



These are the set of emotions Hannah and I go through almost on a daily basis in whats app.. hehehe

October 11, 2012

1 year, 10 months.

1 year, 10 months.

October 12, 2012

work was a challenge today..

work was a challenge today..

busy busy! I just went out for a bathroom break after finishing a few pile of paperwork and when I returned … another pile of paperwork have miraculously appeared!

October 13, 2012

skyline... or ghostown?

skyline… or ghostown?

It looks like rain today!

This is the view from our room when you look at the right window… It’s very eerie at night specially when an empty LRT carriage moves along the tracks….

October 14, 2012



He’s a corny guy… but there are a few occasions in a day when he actually comes up with really funny things that we both laugh about… 🙂

October 15, 2012

Thai express set meal

Thai express set meal

We got off work late today.  We were so hungry! Good thing Thai Express was still open.

Their Sa-nook Hai Honey Chicken set meal with avocado shake was  just the right medicine for an empty tummy…

October 16, 2012

travel notes...

travel notes…

These are travel notes that I have been keeping in my wallet for about 5 months. One of these days I will transfer these memories to a proper blog entry… hopefully before the paper tears or the ink fades…

October 17, 2012

mouth watering!

mouth watering!

After lunch, we passed by this fresh cut fruits store… I couldn’t resist the 80 cents juicy papaya… 😀

October 18, 2012

sweet! :D

sweet! 😀

Opening my office drawer made me smile this morning… I saw a bag of snickers minis.. and its not empty! 😀

Plus its my kuya’s birthday.. so I’ve been celebrating by popping these minis in my mouth all day.. I ate around 5 before lunchtime then I lost count after that.. hehe 😀

Its a good day!

October 19, 2012



our letterbox had a wasp nest…

October 20, 2012


just finished gift wrapping..

just finished gift wrapping..

Going to a birthday celebration of my god daughter this evening. Hope she likes what we got her. 🙂

Its a bit gloomy.. looks like its going to really pour today. good luck to us!

October 21, 2012

knit one purl one

knit one purl one

Knitting is like meditation for me. “knit one purl one” is my mantra. hehe

I’m testing out a pattern I made. Its a beanie. I’m trying to knit one of those beanies taylor swift wears…

October 22, 2012

sculpture park

sculpture park

We get a lot of cool air in our house because our windows are not blocked by another HDB or a towering condo.

We live right next to a sculpture park. We pass through this park everyday to get to our bus stop. It’s really nice especially in cool evenings. You can take a walk, jog, or bike around.

October 23, 2012

lunch hour

lunch hour

Officemates are all busy and I can’t hold the hunger anymore.. hehe.. so I’m eating lunch alone today… I went to Kopitiam at Tampiness one mall and this is the view from my table. It just rained and the sky is clearing up..

October 24, 2012



“Ain’t nothin’ but blue skiieees!”

I almost forgot to take a picture today.. Luckily it was still bright and sunny when I got off from work and got this pretty picture of the sky.

October 25, 2012

booksale people... aka competition...

booksale people… aka competition…

Went to a book sale today. It’s the first day and there were only a few people around… less competition for me! hehe… books were 3 for 20!
I bought 4 books. I would’ve bought a lot if Gio wasn’t “supervising” me… 😦

October 26, 2012



I like this song soo much..

The soft build up of the music to the thumping at the chorus… the feelings in the voice… Listening to it keeps me awake at work.

The lyrics is pretty good too.. like telling a story of how true love conquers all the doubts one has..

I love it so much I researched about its meaning to the singer…



Perri described the song in depth, stating “‘Arms’ is about the fight between your heart and your mind. Your heart wants to be loved but your head is always telling you reasons not to be with him or her, or how you are not worth the love. It’s about the struggle and finally giving in when you’re wrapped in their arms. Then you get it. Then you feel loved and love wins.”


Love wins.. I like that. I like that a lot. 🙂

October 27, 2012

morning ♥

morning ♥

Woke up a little late today.. We’re racing on our bicycles against time to reach Mc Donald’s before 12:00 pm… We want that breakfast deluxe meal!!! 🙂

October 28, 2012

looking back

looking back

My first ring. I remember going to gold souk with my mom and we went in a shop where the jeweler brought out a tray of gold rings… My mom let me pick out what I liked. I picked this. I was so happy. I felt like a grown up. I was in grade two. Although it was a little big for me then I managed to not loose it and this is the only ring I wore for a long time. I use to think it was my lucky charm. It’s all bent up now like a pentagon but it still looks pretty to me.. 🙂

October 29, 2012

moon from compassvale cresent...

moon from compassvale cresent…

I was throwing out the trash when I took this photo… The moon is really putting up a show tonight.. so clear and shiny..

October 30, 201220121030-clothes

 Went out for dinner today. We passed by a bazaar in rivervale mall… I quickly took a picture while gio distracted the sales ladies.. hehe..
October 31, 2012


I took this at the last possible minute… I don’t have anything interesting to share today…

I got a book about knitting socks from the toe up when I went to the booksale and now I’m currently obsessed with learning how to knit socks.. these are my first pair and they are a bit big because they are for gio… whether he likes it or not, they’re his.. hehe..


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