valentines movie night

We opted to have a low key celebration. Since we know we’ll both be too tired from work (especially my valentine who is in the middle of a big project), we decided to celebrate at home.

I suggested and he agreed to a “Snuggle with your valentine movie night”.

Our morning started out pretty much like routine. I woke up early and went to work first.. but before leaving I taped the card I made the night before on our bathroom door.. just to make sure that he sees it…

pixelated heart for my geeky valentine..

We got home around 7 and ordered pizza and soda for dinner… we started our movie date with the introduction episode of the twilight zone.

For dessert,  we had smore’s in a mug  which I baked.

While eating dessert, I opened my gift! I got 2 chocolate hearts and this..

Oh man! oh man! It’s so much better than flowers! I was so happy I danced the happy visa dance for a while…


While my valentines was taking his shower, I prepared our venue…

water, cookies, soda, chips, pop corn.. yep.. we got it all covered

We settled in our comfy bed with our drinks and movie snacks and watched my movie/episode choices..

1. Twilight Zone S1E1: Where the hell is everybody

2. Twilight Zone S1E2:One for the angels

3. Real Steel – made us teary eyed…

We just got all the twilight zone seasons so I was really excited to see it… hmm…come to think of it.. I have really peculiar movie choices…

So that’s it! our simple, fun, and very meaningful celebration.


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