Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is long gone but it was such a fun time so I’m going to share. 🙂

We decorated our place with a couple of handmade lanterns and three 1 dollar decors from the nearby chinese fair. Celebrating Chinese New Year was also a very good excuse to invite good friends over for drinks, singing, and eating!

Chinese New Year is celebrated here for 15 days.  I got the following loot from the office..

18 red packets from our company

fairprice voucher from our company

fun sponge bob fortune cookie from our boss

one dozen oranges from our boss

remy martin – I won from the lucky raffle 🙂

dragon coins – which I bought for 20 dollars.. and since I work at a finance company, I got a little discount

We also were fortunate to be invited by our chinese collegue to their cny celebrations. It was so much fun and we learned a lot about their traditions.

We did a noodle toss.. which was basically tossing the noodles with chopsticks while saying your wishes for 2012 out loud.

The noodles were interesting.. there were a lot of symbolism  in all the ingredients in the platter.

fortune noodles…

We tossed and tossed.. and wished and wished…

tossing.. tossing.. wishing.. wishing..

and drank and drank….

red wine… one of the many liquids we had that night.. our hosts were very generous..

I think we had a little too many drinks… because we rode the wrong bus on our way home and found ourselves infront of this temple…

Temple… at a place we don’t know where..

Luckily there was a bus stop nearby that goes straight home.

That ends our very long CNY celebration here.. It was fun! especially the part where I got a lot of stuff… hehe


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