Viet Nam Day 3: Emotions Cruise part 2, Halong to Hanoi

We woke up early today to join the morning taichi at the boat’s sundeck..

It was such a cold morning but after the taichi workout, we were all warmed up and removing our jackets.

After that we had a light breakfast of cakes, coffee, and tea.

We decided to skip the vietnamese cooking lesson to take a shower and pack our bags. After packing we went up the sun deck again and we were just in time to eat the last fried lumpia. yummy!

Then we stayed up the sundeck and enjoyed cruising along the bay.


We went for a visit to the fishing village. The way to the village was breath taking..


While sailing in the middle of mountain peaks, our guide oriented us on our last day in the cruise, and then  informed us about the families living in the floating village.

  •  The local government rations their fresh water everyday.
  • For electricity, they use battery. Some have generators and they share it with each other.
  • The local government also setup a small floating school to cater for primary education of small children.
  • If they get sick, they call the local government and they are taken to the mainland for free check ups.
  • Inspite of the hard life, the village people have declined offers for relocation to the mainland.For them, they were born here, they should live here and they will die here.

I guess life is simple here. Although its a hard life.. I believe that it is also a happy life.. that’s why they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We had a hefty lunch back at the boat.

…and enjoyed the cruise back to Halong wharf.

As expected, it was another long ride back to Hanoi. We stopped over again at another place where vietnamese handicrafts were being sold. The only difference is this place is much smaller.

We were back to our hotel but checked in different room.. so much more impressive room!

We dropped our bags, freshened ourselves up and, we went out and rode the taxi back to old quarters.

We haven’t been spending much of our 4 million vietnamese dong so we decided to shop around. I was so happy! hehe.

I bought a couple of things!

We got pretty tired walking around, and running out of money so we called it  a night and went back to the hotel around 9 p.m.

We went back early this time and got to relax and enjoy our awesome room.


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