Viet Nam Day 1: Market, Lake, Temple, and a Cathedral

After changing into warmer clothes, (I was very happy to wear a scarf I knitted. :))..

We went straight down and rode a taxi to the Dong Xuan Market… which was unfortunately closing down when we got there…

Fortunately, this is a Saturday… so they have a night market! 😀 While waiting for the night market to open, we had a Vietnamese grilled fish for dinner ….

Then we walked the market streets all the way to Hoan Kiem Lake. We walked around the lake and took in the scenery…

There were also people doing some aerobics, eating, and dating beside the lake.

After all the walking, we got hungry and ate at a pizza place..

Then we walked  back to the night market..

This night market didn’t disappoint. IT WAS LOADED. Bags, shoes, clothes, paper cuttings, knitted and handmade things… and so much more… I was so happy! 😀 Aside from so many people pushing each other around, I was so busy touching everything that I forgot to take pictures.. hehe.

Gio had aching feet but he was such a good sport and never complained, we got back to the hotel around 11 pm poofed!


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