Viet Nam Day 1: Hanoi Hotel

Finally! Got to have a little R&R! 😀

We flew to Vietnam…

This was supposed to be our wedding anniversary trip but due to my work responsibilities, we had to move it back a few days later. But never the less, we had fun.

We had our money exchanged at the airport.. We felt like millionaires!

While waiting to board, We remembered that we forgot my camera. I was a little upset at the airport because we left my olympus pen.. Gio to the rescue with an advance christmas gift!

After 4 hours we finally arrived! We went straight to the visitors center to get directions on how to get to our hotel. They have a very friendly staff, Lam. She gave us maps and suggestions on where we could go and also booked us transportation back to the airport for our last day in Hanoi.

When we got out of the airport,  is was soooo unexpectedly cold!

We rode the taxi to our hotel which is one hour away…

We finally arrived at our hotel, which had a very impressive lobby!

checking in was pretty quick and we also got a more detailed map of where to go. We quickly got up to our room to change into warmer clothes.

Our room was equally impressive…

The room goodies..

That snickers over there was really asking to be eaten… my will was strong but my stomach was weak… I ate it. hehe. 🙂


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