photo hoarding

It has been a longtime, and I have accumulated quite a number of photos …


One more office cookie left!

it seems  I’ve been putting my hand a  little too frequently in my cookie tin…


Went to a concert a while back.. my very first…

It was fun!

gio bought their new album and got a free poster..

that is proudly sticking above his work table at home…


Had an east coast expedition…

walked a couple of streets

walked through a tunnel..

crossed a bridge..

and tried to capture the pretty sunset..

went down a flight of stairs…

right smack to the bicycle rental shop..

I tried to record the biking thing.. but i’m really wobbly biking with one hand….

after biking around, we had dinner by the beach…

and ended our evening with a very blurry phone picture of the night sky…

on our walk back home, we found a dried up branch of a palm tree..

which will make a cool christmas tree!


bought a peculiar sewing thingamajig for 10 dollars at the bedok fair.

I have no idea why I bought it.

It’s still in the box.


We have an extremely sunny living room… and i’m getting a tan…

ironing our clothes, and watching x factor while sunbathing.


christmas is coming soon…

and I made something to remind me at work…

this little tree keeps me happy because it reminds me that the holidays are coming soon…

which equates to .. no work!! 😀



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