sorting things out..

Today I decided to sort out my pens and pencils…

I have lots. But these are my favorites..

I really like this pen.. Got it for $1.00 when our office was still near the Bugis Junction Mall.. It’s a happy little pen šŸ™‚ lightweight and easy to write with.

This is my favorite pencil. A latest purchase at Bedok Point mall for only 70 cents. Its lightweight because its made of plastic and has a dangling pendant of two girls in pink and blue.. I like this because of the inscription…

love is forever

Fortunately I only had to throw away 2 pens which doesn’t write anymore…

fare thee well

Since I was still in my cleaning mojo.. I cleaned out my drawer.. šŸ™‚

digging through, I found a couple of things…

  • a couple of scissors..
  • coupons I need to use soon.
  • color stabilo pens a gift from gio a long way back..
  • Ikea pens..
  • pig clips I won from our Company family day fair
  • An old 2 dollar bill
  • A shampoo sache and a bar of soap.. (hmmm…)

Anyway, with all my paintbrushes and cutters and scissors, Its clear I need some partitions…Ā  Since we have all of these flyers left over from the previous IT Show, I decided to make some origami boxes which definitely made my drawer more organized..

Next thing, I want to organize all my books.. but probably save that for some other day.. I’m all out of cleaning juice..


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