tissue holder

This week’s sewing  project:

polka dot lining

This was no sweat. 🙂

It only took a little time to sew. I also got a chance to practice sewing curves.

polka dot lining

tissue holde in action

While sewing this, I got a little heart attack… I thought I broke my beloved sewing machine!   I was sewing over where the ends join up when the machine suddenly stopped… and I stopped breathing for a while.


Then this error flashed on the tiny monitor..

a blurry nervous picture

Quickly looked it up in the manual.. turns out its a thread problem…

Error Message: E6

Cause : the motor locked up because the thread is tangled.

Solution: Remove the tangled thread before continuing the operation.

Further investigation showed that there was really no tangled thread.. the machine was just really stucked up. Quckie solution – turn it on again.

So I was able to continue sewing up my tissue holder… and all was well with the world again. 🙂


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