Woke up today still thinking about the work I left yesterday…

I am definitely stressed out..

so I cleaned our bathroom. Gave it a good scrubbing. It helped..

Then my hubby took me out. We went to Joo Chiat Complex. There were so many things on sale there but all we bought was pillows and pillow covers. all three for 10 dollars.

I also bought a couple of yards of cloth (1 yard for $3.90) for my future sewing projects.

After all that walking we went back to bedok and had our dinner at Kung Fu Paradise. That’s when I remembered to whip out my phone for pictures.

pillows for our couch

Gio's dinner - lemon grass drink, thai lemon chicken

my dinner - root beer, pineapple rice

After dinner we walked around bedok point. I went into a bookstore and found this cute little fish (aka nemo). Gio bought it for me as an immobile, make-believe pet. Took him home and filled his tiny aquarium with water.

I found nemo

Just to emphasize how cute, and tiny this little plastic fish is, I took a picture with my favorite bread spread.

size comparison - makes me think that nemo might really be a tadpole.

It was a good relaxing day…



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