oh brother!

So I was browsing the paper today… appropriately named “TODAY”.

And I happen to see this…

Today newspaper afternoon edition

nothing that interesting on the front page so I flipped over to the second page..

today page 2

another wonky pic

taking a second look, I was totally blown away!

brother sewing machine


WHAAAT!!! I was totally shocked crazy.  I’ve been wanting to buy a sewing machine and we went there only last week. I was actually eyeing a lower model, BM2600 because it was on sale for $199 only.

Brother BM2600

I still wasn’t feeling the machine even for it’s price because it only has 25 stitches. We were thinking that  maybe there will be another sale along the road and it will be much cheaper. Plus I still have this small portable easy stitch sewing machine from SM Cebu which does the job. Actually, it only has one stitch.. running stitch.

easy stitch

Luckily, we didn’t buy the BM2600 machine because here’s that “another-sale-along-the-road” thing.  And the BC2100 model even better!!!

Imagine this blinking.. It was stuck in my mind

I can’t let this chance pass me by!!! So I called my very suportive spouse… oh and how supportive he is! 😀 He went straight to courts tampines to get me one.. but he called me up and told me that there are no more sets available.. boo!! Oh well I guess this isn’t meant to be..

Anyway I went on with my day and again went home at 10pm really tired. Ate a yummy dinner, cooked for me by my supportive spouse, thinking that I was feeling down for missing the sale. I’m a lucky gal :D.

After the dinner, I had another surprise.. 😀 😀 😀

boxed brother

Yep I totally went wild!

Started dancing like these people from visa…


Turns out my husband did get one from courts. He just wanted to surprise me.. 😀

Here’s some more pics. Shots are blurry. I was still very excited from the surprise..

I got one!! 😀


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