Hannah was here!

painting singapore red

… a month ago. hehe.

I have been itching to blog about this but right after she left and I started writing it down.. hmm.. well it took a couple of A4 papers.. back to back! In short, It was sooo long!  After she left I was still too excited and every detail was so hard to leave out. EVERY detail. So I decided to let things settle first before I trully write a book about her 3 days stay here.  Then things got a little busy with moving and stuff. So now after a month (and a couple of days) I finally have time to blog about it..


Touchdown (May 5, 2011)

She arrived! I was so worried because she had no phone with her and her plane arrives at 5:40. I get off work at 6:00. I decided to wear slippers so I can rush out. Anyway short story, I arrived just as she was coming out of her gate. I’m the man!.. er.. woman. (?!?)

a peculiar shot of me lugging around hannah's bag in holland village

the ez link I bought for her earlier.. it has served us well...

We got to talking right away. We went straight home from the airport and just left her bags and went out for dinner. We had delicious xiao long baos.

oh you yummy pork dumplings you!

After dinner we met someone to pass along a parcel and walked around commonwealth a bit.

late night walk - no one else around...

We got home talked about lotsa of things, desperately trying to catch up. We were talking, looking at pictures, and doing some investigations on facebook… until finally Gio came home at 12:00. He was hungry and  so we went out again. While he ate noodles, hannah and I talked until he finished his cup and we walked all the way home… while talking. Then we went to bed but still talked in the dark (Hey it’s been a long time okay! and there are a lot of things to tackle). We talked till 3 am came. Oh the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We still wanted to talk but words were getting slurred and voices are getting softer (3 am is no joke ya know). so we decided to call it a night since we really need to rest because we plan on going to malaysia on day 2.

Singapore. Malaysia. China…town. (May 6, 2011)

Due to events of the night before (that stretched to 3 am in the morning) our target wake up time was moved from 9:00 to 10-ish. The events of this morning was a blur. All I know is that we somehow managed to take a bath, dress ourselves, and ride the bus to the station. By the time we got to the station, Hannah was like this..

hannah's waaw face ( this is not an exaggeration.)

and just pretty much snapped pics of everything while saying, “waaw”. This was before we ate anything!

Hannah using the general ticketing machine

Train sign, value life reminder, train map

She got to experience the middle tracks too..

johor sign, our bus, freshly exchanged money, and our destination

We finally arrived at Malaysia in time for lunch.

steak served on a volcanic rock heated upto 400 deg celsius

We got back to singapore and Gio had to go to work. Yey! no adult supervision! hehe.

We went to the singapore science center…

and as expected this is how she looked like… again.

really.. she was like this.

She was like this THE WHOLE TIME. When we got to the show area of the center a TESLA show was annouced. The last one for the day. I was thinking that we should skip it since the center is closing soon and we still haven’t seen half of it. but Hannah was histerically happy upon hearing this announcement. Proclaiming her interest by shouting, ” I LOVE TESLAAH!!!” with her waw face and flapping arms. So funny and cute. hehe

ok we watched. Then the finale came where they asked a volunteer to be electrocuted with 3.5M volts. Only the true evil will deny their bestfriend the once in a lifetime chance to be electrocuted… so being the supportive pal that I am, I encouraged her to volunteer (which was really not necessary since she was thinking it herself… hey she loves these things.. funny girl. hehe). Remember her “waaw” face? she looked liked that but with bigger eyeballs which I didn’t think was anymore  possible. Any way I filmed it for her..

Did you catch that? She went out and waved her hand feeling like a true celebrity. Who wouldn’t after surviving 3.5M volts right? Curiously there were other people who took her pic too. I think she was a little famous with the kids there. hehe.

After the electrifying show we explored the rest of the place but since we had little time left, we just rushed through the exhibits. We even got a little lost inside and there was a tiny panic because there was no one else in the place. But somehow managed our way out. Alive.

From the center we went straight to china town to have dinner with my friend. We explored the place a bit and Hannah ended up with a fan and a bag full of magnets (her bag probably weight a ton). Then we headed to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh for dinner.

Chinatown station, Hannah's fan getting painted, bakkuteh dinner, Pagoda street

After dinner we went to clarke quay and had a singapore sling  c/o my friend.

Clarke quay sign, fountain, the clinic, drinks menu and hannah's bag of bricks.. I mean magnets, my 2nd singapore sling

After a few drinks we decided to go dancing. ok. the keyword here is “try”. We tried in vain. We’re just not dressed appropriately to get into a decent club. Ending is.. we went home.

Because we can’t get over our failed attempt at clubbing we decided to just go out for drinks. When we reached home, we fixed ourselves and hannah put on her red lipstick (this red lips thing was probably the highlight of the evening since we talked about it alot). Then we met Gio at holland village and had drinks and talked till 2 am.

our drinks at wala-wala, holland village: before and after shots

We went home after that pretty much K.O. We slept straight away.

Last Day (May 7, 2011)

We woke up late and Hannah bought breakfast. Prata and cake. Cake for breakfast! It can’t get better than that!

We stayed at home and took it easy for the day. We just talked.

We took a cab to the airport. Her flight was at 2:00 and we arrived a little early. After checking in her stuff we just have about enough time for a littel yogurt c/o Hannah. Then it was time for her to go. I’m a little proud of myself because I managed to keep it together. I thought I was going to bawl. But I survived the farewell with decency intact.



It was such a crazy 3 day affair and after she left, things felt a little quiet. I felt a little sad. That’s always the case with me. I get on such a high whe I meet my old friends then feel a little sad when they leave. Specially with all the talking we did (lovelife, good food, places to see, opinion about things, beauty tips..and so much more).. it was terribly quiet all of a sudden. Haay. I guess that’s why this was very lengthy when I first wrote things down because I was in a “Oh-my-friend-left-me” stage and just want to hold on to every little detail.

But I got over the blues. And when I think about all the wonderful visits I had this year, first Bel then Hannah, I can’t help but be happy and feel very blessed.  I never imagined, of all places, that we’ll be meeting up in Singapore. It’s pretty amazing to me how inspite of the distance and continents between us, we still manage to meet. And what’s more amazing is that how that comfortable feeling of friendship never changed even if we haven’t been in touch for so long.

It’s a good year for me.


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