Painting our room

In my dreams!

We’ll be moving soon. I’m so excited about our new house. We have waaay bigger room and I wanted to make it truly ours by painting the walls but..

a) The hubby has asthma, and has this aversion to manual labor.

b) We’re just renting. Spending to beautify the place isn’t really practical.

c) We both don’t want to have a discussion with the unit owner.


Ok. I have accepted that it’s not happening. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up! Thanks to photoshop, I can do magic.. hehe.

I have a little picture of how it would all look like if I was granted painting rights which is enough for me.

the big room with original white paint
I was thinking of using grey paint.. and darker grey for the wall behind our bed. Why grey? I want to use bold happy colors for decor so the grey would help it pop out. Case in point -my little pop art portraits of us above our bed. Plus the darker the better sleep. Oh I also thought of painting the bed white, so that we won’t bump our knees when it’s a little dark.

all dolled up!

Nice eh? Ofcourse I might change my mind someday and change it to something more cheerful but for now this works for me. (fortunately its just photoshop)  😀

Fantasy satisfied!


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