plans for me

Happy Easter!!
I remembered something today..

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
– Jeremiah 29:11

Nope, this is not part of the sunday mass. It just randomly crossed my mind..

This is a passage that gives me comfort in trying and doubtful times especially during my early university days. I was alone and pretty sad. And there were just too many challenging things happening in my life all at once to handle and think about (for someone who grew up very sheltered like me and with strong ideals, these things sometimes are soul crushing).

I learned about this passage through a “gift” from our ReEd class in college. We were supposed to give inspirational gifts to one another as a remembrance since our class was ending for the semester. I got a key holder and this phrase was pasted on it. Sadly, I don’t know where that key holder is anymore but I remember how it looked liked..

my college key holder - not exactly a work of art but this is "roughly" how it looked..

I placed it beside the door (well its a keyholder).. and everytime I open or close my door, I would glance upon this phrase. Most of the time I would just glance over it and be on my way, but on trying times or when I’m feeling defeated (I had lots of those moments in college), I stare at this passage and let it comfort me. Especially when I need something to encourage me to get out that door and face the day. It works for me. It somehow lightens my burden. I find it reassuring and it gives me a push to continue on with what I’m doing.

I guess this is one of those small things that kept me going all through out college.. and even after. I don’t have the key holder anymore, but this is stuck in my head.. in a good way.

I know some people roll their eyes on religion, or even faith. But these are the things that gives people hope and sometimes even a reason to accomplish profound things. I don’t really consider myself religious, but faithful, I am one. There’s no argument there for me. Faith can move mountains.


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