Love lines

Today’s office lunch hot topic! Palm reading.

During lunch my friend said that the father of her friend read her palm yesterday. And she picked up a few skills. My other friend had a long time fascination about palm reading so the conversation got going immediately. They said that it’s a misconception that our palms can tell the future because the lines there are really only about the past and the present. The future can only be predicted because of the past and present lines but not really told for sure.

Ofcourse everyone was very curious about the whole thing (by everyone I meant us girls). We all wanted to know who would get rich, whose going to have an interesting lovelife, etc. A lot of palms was making the rounds between my two friends hehe.. It was quiet fun.

My palm? There were a lot of readings but the one that is a bit interesting is ofcourse.. lovelife! hehe. The madame aurings turned my palm to its side and said that there are two significant guys in my life.. intriguing! how did they know? here’s a pic..

love lines!

love lines!

So the first significant line was a guy from my past. That line is split at the end which indicates that our lives have separated. The line is also at the bottom half of my life timeline so it indicates that it happened earlier, when I was much younger. As for the second significant line, that’s the one I’ll be spending the rest of my life with.. since the line is pretty solid and definitely has no split ends. Interesting eh?

There was someone from the past. I’d like to think he was my first love and heartache. The sad part was I never got to tell him how I felt when It mattered. I was only able to tell him when those feelings were just mere memories. This reminds me of this boat scene from My Bestfriend’s Wedding..


This chokes me up everytime. But I’ve no regrets. I’m in a good place now (and that guy too) because of all the things I learned from that experience. It made me brave with Gio. And also made me believe that love is indeed worth fighting for.

I don’t know how accurate these lines on my palms are or if I have really interpreted it correctly based on my life story, but one thing’s for sure. I’m definitely sticking with my man till we’re old and gray. And it doesn’t hurt to know that it’s written in my palms.


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