Singapore Sling and Other Things

Went out with Bel today.. One of my most cherished friends.. After a long time, we finally meet again! so happy!

I have been  excited eversince she called me and said that their cruise ship is docking in Singapore. I kept a look out on my phone the whole time coz I don’t want to miss her call. She finally got a whole day off  and met at harbour front.

We hugged and gazed and inspected each other. That was the tone of the rest of the day.  We hugged and just automatically started catching up. We had coffe c/o bel at Coffee Bean. The coffee ran out but the stories kept coming so we went and had dinner at clark quay. We brought her to this really well known Bakkuteh place (Pork yummy rib soup).  We ate and talked under immensely pouring rain and clapping thunder. Just the right ambiance for a steaming hot bakkuteh.

song fa (famous) bakkuteh

steaming hot bakkuteh

The rain stopped and then we ventured into clark quay in search of the fabled “singapore sling”. ok.. I must say I am not really the drinking type.. unless its water or juice.. so this is my first time to “drink”. And oh how I enjoyed it. Can’t believe I was just so kill joy all these years.. hehe..

Singapore Sling wohoo!

After the sling, we had yummy jello coolers (rum coke, strawberry milk, and cherries).. oh yes I enjoyed it too… We drank while the bar’s band sang a very appropriate song, run by snow patrol among other cool songs ( Light up.. light up.. lalala )

Stories were just free flowing… mostly ofcourse from Bel. This friend of mine went through a lot since we last met. So much has happened so we tried to impossibly catch up..

@ clark quay

My husband was having the time of his life and would have order more drinks but as fate would have it, our evening wasn’t that long because she had to get back to the ship. We said our good byes and hugged as much as we  can before the train arrives.. and I feel like it’s graduation all over again.. my friend is leaving and I don’t know when I’ll see her again. But It’s not as devastating as it was the very first time.

Such is our lives now… meet up one day after a couple of years and then go back to our individual lives. Somewhat sad but still happy because inspite of us being mainly a part of each other’s common past the bond is still there.  It’s never forgotten and somehow finds a way to merge our roads even if only for a day..

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear

Louder louder
And we’ll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can’t raise your voice to say

To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do

Light up…


One thought on “Singapore Sling and Other Things

  1. “Can’t believe I was just so kill joy all these years.. ” wahahahahahah!!!Hilarious!!!! =D

    My turn next…see u Monday! 🙂

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