We’ve just recently transferred our office to tampiness and our lunch break has become like a marathon. Our new place is a bit far from hawkers and restaurants so by 12:00 pm we have to get out and walk in a fast pace to get to our eating destination so that we won’t run out of seats. Then after eating, walk fast back to the office so we won’t be late.

So, tired of this marathon, we decided to bring our own baons.. and just eat out on fridays 😀 Last week end, I went to daiso and bought stuff for my baonan, and baon accessories..

Went on a bento spree in daiso..

And then on monday, started what I hope would be my morning routine.. Lately I’ve been into cooking and It’s a perfect opportunity for me to improve my skills. So this is actually one of the things I look forward to doing. And I have also saved lots of moolah since I started bringing baon. Last week, I only spent 10 dollars. Coolness!

Unfortunately I have yet to convince my husband to do the same, since he said that lunch is a social thing for them and if he brings his own baon, he wouldn’t be able to join his friends for lunch.. ok.. I consede..

Here’s my baon masterpieces! hehe..

Week One

Baon Day 1 : rice, chicken tinola, orange wedges
Baon Day 2: rice, cabbage pork balls, japanes egg roll, orange wedges
Baon Day 3 : rice, crispy spam, japanese egg rolls, orange wedges
Baon Day 4 : carbonara with melted cheese, japanese egg rolls, hash brown sticks, chocolate cups, orange wedges

Week Two

Baon Day 1 : rice, chicken teriyaki, cucumber sticks, puto (rice cake)
Baon Day 2: rice, tuna afritada, cucumber sticks, japanese egg rolls, puto

Hmm.. I have yet to perfect my japanese egg rolls, got the taste right.. just need to keep it from getting burned.. hehe


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