Cooking Mama

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

We went grocery shopping yesterday to stock up on supplies for the long weekend. I finally got to put these Cold Storage coupons to good use.


I feel so domestic! hihi

On a more domestic note, dishes! (take note of the “es”). Cooked up new ones to add to my repertoire of never ending chicken adobo.

Chicken curry (pinoy style)


Chicken Tinola


Well.. yes its all chicken but I’m still learning so I deserve some slack.. hehe. I’ll try and spread my wings someday on other types of meat but for now, chicken is the one for me! (and my husband who lovingly wolfs down what I serve on the table 😀 )

If this was a wii game, my cooking mama rating would be..


Well atleast my husband thinks so too.. hehe


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