Full Circle

Didn’t realize how time flies by so fast…

My birthday again.. have this blog for one year already..

I had such a good day today.. a lot people remember and really did a lot of effort just to greet me.

He was the first one.. knocked on my door at 12:00 am… I forgot it was my birthday and I was truly surprised.. When I opened the door he was holding a boquet of flowers and cake..

big surprise

The rest of the day was equally happy. Thank you to all who remembered..

365 days flew by so fast…

Thank you Lord for all the growing up, the adventures, and a lot of opportunities to make new friends, and keep old ones..

Thank you for all the blessings not only to me, but to my family and the people I hold very dear to my heart..

Thank you for another year to live my life.

Hope I spend meaningfully the new set of 365 days given to me..


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