Pocari Sweat

Talk about Monday blues.

Today I was seriously missing my bestfriend. I somehow had this sudden longing to just talk to her.

No load. No Internet.. what to do?

Went down to 7 eleven and bought pocari sweat.


She really likes this… and even made a whole album in her multiply account for her pocari sweat obsession…

So I was drinking this the whole afternoon trying to ease my longing by finding some connection to her… (I hope I don’t sound like an obssesive stalker… hehehe)

Then when I got home I found one missed call … from my best friend 🙂

Sad because I missed the call but so happy because somehow,  across the seas,  she felt I was missing her…

Pocari Sweat on my table on a lonely Monday afternoon


One thought on “Pocari Sweat

  1. Then she sent me this the following day:

    “2mawag ka khpn? Amazing talaga. Lam mo ba iniisip kta khapn tpos gnawa ko bumaba ako sa 7 elevn tpos bili ng pocari sweat. Naalala ko adik ka dun. Tpos un. Ang cool. Parang telepathy. Hehe”

    BFF, I believe that we are a testament that distance is not an issue in order to keep a friendship alive 🙂

    Thanks for missing me. Katouch tlga. I miss you too. ALOT and everyday 🙂

    Ingat kpo lagi. God bless 🙂

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