I’m too excited not to share this!

but too scared to post it in our wedding blog.. don’t want to ruin the surprise.. so I’m posting it here.Β  πŸ™‚

I made bracelets with a heart locket as thank you tokens for my bridesmaids πŸ™‚

well.. actually I just assembled the pieces together…

raw materials

heart locket earings..

I found these accidentally. πŸ˜€ I was waitng for him in lucky plazaΒ  at metrobank.. I didn’t want to go in alone so while waiting for him to arrive, a went in the next store.. a 3 for $10 store.Β  It was a costume jewelery shop and I found these lockets there and just had to get them πŸ˜€ I think the earings are stainless steel. I have been messing with it all the way home and it was still shiny and didn’t give off the “metally-smell”.

bead bracelets..

I found them accidetally too! πŸ˜€ how lucky am I huh! I wanted to make something like this (http://www.dogeared.com)Β  but changed my mind when I saw these bracelets on sale.

We went over to suntec city to checkout the IT show… hmm.. we didn’t find anything we’d like to buy just some earphones.. and so we got out of the ballroom early.. On our way home, we passed by another accessories store called SIX and they were on “SALE”.. so naturally I had to check them out.. so check them out I did.Β  I found this bundle of 6 bracelet for 6 dollars. πŸ˜€

silver plated beadtips…

I knew what I wanted to make.. just need something to connect the heart to the bracelet.Β  So I headed over to ArtFriend in Bras Basah and bought these for just $1.80.

and viola!

bridesmaid bracelet

cool huh!Β  Made six of these just in case.. and all for $17.80 πŸ˜€

I went around malls and looked at similar bracelets and they sell em for $20-23 .Β  Some even have the same heart I have. crazy!

Here’s another picture with me sampling the bracelets.

I’m currently working on the packaging.. It’s looking pretty good..

I’ll try and update this post with the bracelets in their boxes. πŸ˜€


boxed bracelet πŸ˜€

boxed bracelet


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