2 weeks worth of laundry

I'm quite proud of my laundry.. This is some of them.. aren't they pretty?!?

“Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour.” - Anon

I spent a significant part of my saturday washing clothes.

We (me and my fiance) got back just a week ago. We went home to do some wedding stuff..

– pamanhikan : check
– reserve church : check
– reserve reception venue: check

It was a pretty good “vacation”. We accomplished quite a lot actually. But somehow.. I forgot to wash my clothes! I had so much to wash that I ran out of hangers.. hehe

I “borrowed” some from him.. ofcourse he doesn’t know it.. (*evil grin*)

It was quite windy this afternoon.. then to my great horror it started to rain!

first thing on my mind: “I have to save my clothes!!”

I hurriedly took them down and lovingly hung them back up when the rain stopped. whew.

I like the smell of  freshly washed clothes.. right out of the drier. It smells.. um.. clean. hehe. I enjoyed my laundry day but.. I’ll probably not do anything like this again anytime soon.. unless I get paid. hehe

I really got into it because I had nothing urgent to do.. and I was running out of clothes to wear.

Apart from washing clothes.. I cleaned my room (yehey!)  and catched up with all the internet stuff I missed while I was away.

All this while nursing a cold. (apir!)

So current status? Very clean but nose is dripping.


I feel very guilty about this blog.. It’s really gathering cobwebs..

I’m having quite a lot on my plate right now.. wedding blog, wedding website, wedding preps.. endless wedding things! It’s fun but.. we’ll sometimes you really have to keep up.

My little scribblingblock will have to settle with cobwebs for a while.. sigh..


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