Three Tissues

3 for a dollar

3 for a dollar

I just bought these 3 tissues for 1 dollar. 30 pesos.. Haii.

I had no choice. Really.

I was sitting and reading a book,  generally minding my own business,  when an old chinese lady came up to me and started insisting in chinese that I should buy these 3 tissues. When she realized I don’t speak chinese, she insisted (more determined than before) by thrusting them to my face. Too tired to argue and in fear of suffocating, I surrendered my hard earned dollar for the 3 tissues that I don’t really need. I’m not a stingy person.. but come on! $1.20 can actually buy you one dozen quality tissues.

Actually, I’ve seen her around the place a couple of times. If it should happen that the person she’s peddling her tissues to successfully refuse to “buy”, she walks off grumbling in chinese. Probably cursing that person to have diarrhea for all eternity… or something.

Anyway after handing the tissue over she smiled and said thank you in her best english… that sort of got me big time. An old lady trying to convey with effort how much “buying” her tissue with a dollar made her happy. I smiled back. Her gesture made me want to give her all the coins I have.

Oh well. What’s one dollar right? Plus I didn’t get cursed with diarrhea for all eternity. whew.


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