to the zoo!

We went to the zoo!

We were on a budget date.. hehe
I haven’t been to the zoo here. I’ve heard that it’s one of the best in the world and it was a perfect day for the outing – sunny but not too hot.

This place amazing!

The zoo has an open concept. The animals are not caged but are placed in fenced environments depicting their natural habitat..

orangutan - man of the forest

orang utan - man of the forest

I had so much fun seeing elephants, giraffes, hippos, tigers, monkeys, slimey reptiles and a lot more!

Its like walking through a rainforest with monkeys swinging overhead.. (actually I read that its the worlds first rainforest zoo..)

It’s also not a boring typical zoo.. in almost all the enclosures there are interactive stations nearby.. buttons to press, things to hold ( like an old buoy chewed up by a playful tiger..yikes.. or the toys of the polar bear..), commentaries to watch.. they also have life size statues of the animals.. we had so much fun fooling around with them.. heheh

elephant family

elephant family

fighting off the tiger

fighting off the tiger

one thirsty tortoise

one thirsty tortoise

It’s really a very interesting and educational place..makes you truly love all animals and nature.

This place is soo big! (28 hectares to be exact) we walked the whole length of the zoo (tried to)..

Singapore Rainforest Zoo ... quiet a walk...

Singapore Rainforest Zoo ... quiet a walk...

We tried to go to all the areas of the zoo but by the time we reached kidzworld, the zoo was already closing.. (boo!) so we didn’t get to see that.. we also got lost inside. we couldn’t find the exit. hahaha!

We were kind of panicking.. we were going around in circles and our feet were aching bad and we couldn’t find any other people around..but somehow we found our way out and for our reward, we had double belgian waffle at ben and jerry’s. Oh what a perfect day!

double belgian waffle with choc syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles

double belgian waffle with choc syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles

I wish I had more pictures it’s was a pretty cool date. I had so much fun.
I really have to go back and check out kidzworld though.


more information about this amazing zoo:



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