Getting rid of stress

I have been so stressed out lately from work that I’m having these chronic shoulder pains and even forgetting small routine things.

Because of all these I decided to do something that is not work related and fun.

I decided to teach myself .. Piano.


I got myself so worked out about the idea that I bought myself a pretty pricey book.. Piano for Dummies.

piano for dummies.. quiet good

piano for dummies.. quiet good

Funny but it’s true (can’t believe it myself). The book was not so bad.. actually it’s pretty good for dummies. hehe

After reading the first three chapters, I was resolved..

I bought myself a keyboard… hehe

on sale .. i think

on sale .. i think

So that’s how I spent my weekend. Splurging silly and learning to play the piano.
I learned to play three small pieces already. I’m a little proud of myself.. 🙂

Oh and yeah.. It took my mind off work. Yesss!


I found a really cool teach-yourself-piano site



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