food for thought

food for thought

food for thought

I have been working really hard for the past few weeks and just have finished all my tasks today. So for a little treat we decided to eat at a nice place for a change.

I have been passing by this small place across the office for some time now and it never fails to rouse my curiosity. Today, due to my incessant suggestions, we tried it out.

Food for thought it a small cozy cafe. All the staff was pretty friendly and patiently answered our questions about the food.

food for thought

We had their baby backribs (since it was the week’s special) with their potato and sausage soup..YUM!

I forgot to take a photo of the food (my stomach was incharge) but I did take a photo of the aftermath..

nothing left..

nothing left..

This is really a cool cafe. Some of their profit goes to different organizations that help out poor kids and the environment.Really cool.

They have this whole wall covered in updates of their charitable aids and donations.. tried to get a pic of the whole wall but its too big.. hehe

charity updates.

charity updates.

It kinda makes you happy to eat knowing that with every bite you’re helping someone and the planet. It’s good for the digestion..

Good food for a good cause..Two thumbs up!


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