Marley & Me

marley-and-me-movie-poster-1We had a late lunch today and for our lunch movie we watched Marley and Me.

It’s a very light but heartwarming movie. Dog lovers would really like this one.

It actually made me cry.. a little. Even he cried.. but he’s too macho to admit it. He said he poked his eyes (uhuh sure..)

I think the crying was because of my dog. She’s my dog but he had a hand on raising her.. so we were like both her owner.

She’s only half labrador (half poodle) but she has a lot of similar habits with marley… and we were just saying the whole time we were watching how marley is so much like Pot.

Pot. That’s her name. This is her..

pot the dog

pot the dog

I have been avoiding reading or buying the book because I don’t want to read something that would make me miss and think about her.. and I was right. Watching the movie made me a little sad. That’s why im blabbing here..

Anyway I want to share a few things from marley that reminded me of pot..

– she was also some sort of a clearance puppy… my brother bought her for only 500 pesos on a bridge.. she was a gift for his girlfriend.. but they really couldn’t take care of her coz she’s a handful so I took her.

– scared of thunder storms..they really do jump on your lap… and she shakes a little too..

– chews anything she can get her teeth on… when she was a puppy, she chewed right through our sofa seat! We had to get it reupholstered. I had to take a picture of the damage to see how much it would cost.. she also chews our stairs…

battered sofa

battered sofa

– runs around like hell.. we live in a street where a lot of kids play on so we couldn’t just let her out of the house to run around.. we don’t also have a yard.. so she runs amok inside the house.. she’ll be jumping on the sofa.. running in circles.. then up the stairs and goes back darting down in super speed and right up the sofa again.. going around in circles… she goes at it like a wind up toy.. really.. I get tired looking at her..

poofed out pot

poofed pot

– when she was still a puppy my sister used to keep Pot in her room. One time, she came back from school and found her room completely trashed! even the peso bills where chewed to pieces.. she wasn’t allowed to stay in bedrooms anymore after that…

up to something

up to something

– she jumps and howls when she hears us driving up.. and once you got in the door.. she pounces on you and licks you like she hadn’t seen you in years when you just fed her that morning .. i really miss that.. makes you forget how tired you are..

– every morning.. she scratches on my door to wake me up.. and after I let her in my room we proceed to a few minutes of scratching sessions.. that was our thing together… she really like that…



– she also has no sense of “full stomach”.. she just eats and eats.. it’s a good thing she’s only half lab or she might have been as big as marley.. (thank you Lord).

– when we take her for a walk to do her thing or just to have some exercise.. she tries to drag us along.. I don’t know how we could’ve managed that if she was a full sized labrador.. that would be a lot of exercise…

I think I’ll end here. ..haaayyyyyy….. there’s so many many other things.. but recalling them makes me miss her more…


“A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes..
a waterlogged stick will do just fine.

A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor..
clever or dull, smart or dumb.

Give ’em your heart and he’ll give you his.

– marley and me



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