the coffee incident…

April 6, 2009

th_mimio-341There are times in your life that you look back at the things you have done and truly regret some of them… mostly because as a consequence of those past acts…you are now suffering …

like for instance, this morning.

In my desperate attempt to keep myself awake at work… I did the unthinkable…

I drank two.. TWO(!!!) cups of coffee.  th_mimio-167

It’s a big deal because I’m not really a coffee person… actually two cans of coke is enough to keep me up very late… imagine two cups of coffee..
did I mention I was Desperate? (with a capital “D”)

what in the world was I thinking?!? on second thought — I don’t think I was thinking at all!

It’s really late and I’m wide awake…I think I have read my bestfriend’s blog inside out..

so now it’s 12:15 am (AM!!!) and my brain is still doing jumping jacks…

wah! I have work (lots of work!!!) later! I want to sleep! th_mimio-12


Update! April 7, 2009

amazingly enough.. I was awake the whole day at work… even though I

slept only for a few hours..

hmm.. the coffee might still be working… th_mimio-112

th_mimio-43 coffee is good…


another update: April 8, 2009

th_mimio-44the coffee wore off…
woke up really late and got to work really late…

coffee is bad…


here’s where I got these cute emoticons:



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