Middle Tracks

Jurong East Interchange Middle Track

Jurong East Interchange Middle Track

I’m starting to see middle tracks in a different light.

When the train crosses the middle tracks, it shakes up the people inside. Quite hard too especially if its an express train.

Middle tracks are no joking matter.. if you are not vigilant about that moment when the cross over happens, you could knock your head on the poles or doors, or step on someone’s foot (yep! true story).

Most of the time, people who are sleepy or sleeping are jerked to alertness when this happens. A quick snap of the head and tada! eyes wide open.

So this morning, like all my other mornings, I was riding the packed train with him. When we were near the interchange, the warning was announced.

“This train will be crossing over the middle track soon.
For your safety please hold on to the grab poles or hand rails.
Thank you.”

There was no grab poles or hand rails within my arms length (I was standing). So I did my best “middle track stance” to fortify my balance. I was pretty serious about it. My face was contorted in concentration.

When the moment was near, he suddenly put his left arm around me, wrapped me in a tight hug and held on to a grab pole near him with his right hand. I was kind of surprised..

When the train did cross, both of us were firmly standing upright, in perfect balance.. together.. while the rest of the people swayed around us struggling for stability. This allegory…  moved me…

I looked at him and smiled. He asked me why I was so happy.. I’ll die before admitting to anything so in my best coverup voice I said, “hmm.. wala ra.. nag-shave ka?” (translation- nothing, did you shave?) .. hehe.. yeah yeah, pathetic.. but it worked! 😉

Those middle tracks gave me something to smile about today…


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